A story,
a family,
a challenge...

The choice of the company name Azienda Agricola Ponterotto was not accidental: it comes from the homonymous bridge that rises above the Calore River called “Ponte Rotto”. It belongs to the Appian Way and it was built in Roman times to connect and support the commercial trade between the two regions of Campania and Apulia.

The main agricultural estate of the family is located in Calore, part of the municipality of Mirabella Eclano (Avellino), an ancient historical land, lapped by the river.

The Story

The business is the result of the determination of three brothers, Antonio, Gaetano and Maria Luisa Di Pietro who have proudly enhanced the lands inherited from their grandparents, people inspired by deep values who sacrificed all their life working away from home to achieve the purchase of the land. For the three siblings the land represents a symbol of belonging and a link between them and their rural traditions.

It was because of this ambition that the family started the agricultural company “Ponterotto”, built where the most famous vineyards in the world meet the charm of history. This entrepreneurial commitment, carried on with passion, aims to defend the autochthonous viticulture of the area and to revive the oldest and the best biotypes, protecting some varieties of wines such as AglianicoFalanghina and Greco, whose origins date back to Greek colonization and Roman civilization.